Vivtek 43 Construct Hybrid SMP
23 October 2022
Vivtek 45s Marine Hybrid SMP
23 October 2022

Vivtek 43s Glazing Hybrid SMP

professional glass glue

Vivtek 43s Glazing Hybrid SMP is a high-quality, professional and universal paintable glass adhesive based on MS Polymer. It is used for fixing and bonding panes in windows, doors, gates, cabinets in sanitary cabins and others. Glues glass to various materials and seals joints around window, door and other frames. Suitable for pasting polycarbonate windows. Cures under the influence of moisture and creates a permanent elastic joint. Developed as a universal glazing sealant in accordance with NEN 3576 / NPR 3577. It can be used to seal expansion and façade elements as well as joints around window and door frames. It is perfect for sanitary rooms and wet cells.

Product properties:

  • It does not corrode metals
  • Free from isocyanates, solvents and silicone
  • Neutral curing system, almost odorless
  • Fast curing It adheres perfectly to virtually all, also damp surfaces, without the use of a primer.
  • Prior test recommended
  • Resistant to UV rays, does not turn yellow

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