Vivtek 43s Glazing Hybrid SMP
23 October 2022

Vivtek 43 Construct Hybrid SMP

universal mounting adhesive, suitable for painting

Vivtek 43 Construct Hybrid SMP is a one-component adhesive-sealant based on new generation polymers. It is a product for universal use. It can be used to seal and bind almost all materials used in construction and industry. The joint is also characterized by low shrinkage, resistance to chlorine, water and UV. It is paintable, odorless, isocyanide-free and non-toxic. Permanently flexible. For indoor and outdoor use.

Product properties:

  • Permanently retains its elastic properties
  • Excellent absorption of acoustic vibrations
  • Fast-setting, 3 mm / 24h, no shrinkage
  • High mechanical resistance
  • It prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria
  • No edge contamination for marble and natural stone
  • Free from isocyanates, solvents and silicone

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