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Vivtek is an original series of products intended for various industries. The offer includes auxiliary products for the infusion process as well as structural and cyanoacrylate adhesives. More information about Vivtek products in our online store.


For 30 years, we have specialized in adhesion and sealing. Listening to what our clients want and the research we conduct mean that today we are able to offer you exclusive, patented technology. Focusing primarily on transport, construction, and sport and leisure, we have developed an exclusive adhesion technology providing a simple, professional and innovative alternative to the traditional techniques which unfortunately are often unsuitable for new-generation materials.To do that, we have set up a research laboratory and production facility in the Paris area, investing a large part of our turnover in research and development so that we can offer you more innovative and tailored solutions.See more on the producer's website.


Marbocote Ltd has continued the advancement of semi-permanent release agents to give the most durable release film providing the maximum release performance. These properties combine to give our customers significant process benefits and cost savings. This makes Marbocote semi-permanent release agents the products of choice for industrial moulding processes. Check Marbocote's website for more details.


We are the first and main Scigrip products distributor in Poland. With the development of our company, we chose for cooperation various recognized producers, teaming up with companies that continously improve their offer via R&D works SCIGRIP Smarter Adhesives Solutions combines two global leaders in the adhesives industry, Weld-On and Holdtite, enabling the manufacture of world class structural and engineered adhesive products on a global scale. SCIGRIP has a strong research and development team focused on addressing customers’ specific application demands as well as improving customer productivity to achieve ultimate success. SCIGRIP is committed to manufacturing quality products and maintains ISO 9001 certification for all of its manufacturing facilities. SCIGRIP Smarter Adhesive Solutions product offerings have expanded to include industry-leading technologies in 10:1 and 1:1 methyl methacrylate (MMA), anaerobic, cyanoacrylate (CA) and ultra violet (UV) cure adhesives. See more on the producer's website. See more on the producer's website. Check out Scigrip products in our online store.


RUDERER KLEBETECHNIK GMBH is a family company with a long and successful history in the adhesive industry. For over 50 years it has been providing absolutely reliable products. It offers a wide range of bonding solutions for both industry and craftsmanship that are of interest to craftsmen and other users. Check Technicoll's website for more details.


Veck is an established and respected supplier of composite fasteners to manufacturers worldwide, with over 15 years of experience. The company aims to help you keep your design and production commitments on the move. The specification of thefasteners meet the demanding requirements laid down by principle markets including automotive, marine, construction, transportation, signs and many others. Veck fixings are suitable for use within a variety of manufacturing processes including GRP hand lay-up, glassfibre or plastic moulding (rotational, vacuum, injection, etc) and for surface-mounting with adhesives. Check Veck's website for more details.

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