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The final product often depends on the preparation of the individual components. Therefore Vivtek offers manufacturers moulding systems, enabling shorter time to prepare forms and model, while reducing production costs. We offer Marbocote release agents for various kinds of applications, including solvent release agents (normally used in general manufacture of composites), water-based release agents (used for advanced composites), as well as products for thermoforming and injection molding of plastics and rubber.

Marbocote HP2002 sealers are high solids products designed to seal all types of highly porous substrates including epoxy and polyurethane tooling board, MDF, gelcoated and non-gelcoated polyester and epoxy composite moulds. The HP sealers are single component moisture cure systems that can be applied to the mould or tool by wipe or spray. The HP Series products are capable of generating a high gloss finish without the need of additional polishing. These fast cure systems produce a tough, durable film that is chemically inert to all solvents and resins, and provide an ideal base-coat for the Marbocote release agents.

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