Vivtek X703.05.Y
23 October 2022

Vivtek 48 Strong Hybrid SMP

polymer adhesive with the highest bond strength

Vivtek 48 Strong Hybrid SMP is a universal adhesive and sealant for connections used in construction. It allows you to bind any materials except PE and PP. It has a wide range of uses. It can be used to bond components in the aerospace, automotive and marine industries where maximum bond strength is required. Thanks to a special polymer technology, the Vivtek 48 can withstand a tensile force of up to 4.5 N / mm². Binds all metals and wood, EPDM, lead, zinc, copper, mirrors, stone, polystyrene, plastics, concrete and natural stone.

Product properties:

  • Permanently retains excellent elastic properties
  • High absorption of acoustic vibrations
  • Fast drying, 4 mm / 24 h, no shrinkage
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi
  • Free from isocyanates, solvents and silicone

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