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Production requires proper preparation of materials and their precise application, therefore we offer, as supplementary materials:

Crosslink speciality wipes very convenient in use, degreasing wipes for different surfaces, for cleaning before use of PU and MMA adhesives. They have antistatic properties, useful in the printhouses and paintshops. We also offer traditional degreasing agents, removing preparation traces, including dust, dirt, oil residues, waxes and separators.

VECK composite fasteners – allow for easy installation of a smooth or threaded spindle or a threaded socket of any size. In our offer there is a wide selection of standard models always available on stock. There is also a possibility of manufacturing composite fasteners by any customer own project. Fasteners eliminate drilling, allow for elements installation without affect the structure or strength of materials. They are applied in the production of laminates, advertising elements or plastic injection moulds. We offer adhesive suitable for soft materials such as Dibond or thin laminates, which due to low shrinkage, eliminate wrinkling of the materials. Please check available designs here.

Supplementary adhesives for machinable blocks – adhesives are fit to specific blocks, tailored to their performance in term of the glass transition temperature, hardness and thermal expansion.

Additionally, we offer adhesives application systems, including dispensers, application guns, mixing tips (mixers), fittings for pressure containers (cylinders) – lances, hoses, dosing bottles.

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